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Victoria Rakityanskaya | retouchers.online ✎

Victoria Rakityanskaya

Исполнитель, ретушер
beauty fashion lookbook
  • Об исполнителе

    I am a professional photo retoucher. More than 3 years. I am doing: Hi-end portrait: skin, eyes, hair, etc. (keep skin texture like magazine quality) Retouching face Color / Tone / Contrast Correction Body shaping Posture correction Whatever you want: - Blemish Removal - Skin smoothing - Reshaping - Removal - Color adjusting - Color grading - Cropping - Color Matching - Color Changing - De-Aging - Object Removal -Image Re-Sizing AND MANY MANY OTHERS! Why choose me? 1. You will receive high-quality photo retouching as soon as possible! 2. I will discuss with you every detail and every wish. 3. You will be 100% satisfied. If you don't like my work, I will refund your money. 4. I will always be in touch. Before and after placing an order. Do not worry! 5. I can tell you how your photo will look better!
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  • Условия работы

    Предпочитаемая заработная плата:
    от 70000₽ до 200000₽
    Цена часа:
    от 500₽ до 2500₽


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