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Исполнитель, ретушер
  • Об исполнителе

    Professional high-quality natural retouching. I work with Dodge & Burn; it's you to get excellent results, naturally clear skin and, not sacrifice quality (which is very important). I correct every wrinkle, manually paint shadows that blend in with a specific frame, work with color step by step. This and much more allows me to take a photo of perfect quality, which will look juicy and realistic, as it was originally photographed. I am retouching photographs according to the terms of reference. Point by point, you can describe in detail all your wishes for each photo to correct each problematic area in your opinion. To avoid misunderstandings and subsequent claims.
  • Защита от спама.
    Для отображения полной версии
    профиля и контактных данных,
    Вам необходимо произвести Вход
  • Условия работы

    Предпочитаемая заработная плата:
    от 500₽ до 120000₽
    Цена часа:
    от 0₽ до 0₽


Максимальное количество фотографий 20